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12/20/2017 (Permalink)

Be ready for any event.

Article From Our First Responders Monarch Fire Protection Chesterfield, MO

Everyone who has watched the news this year has seen areas flooding from hurricanes and rain; fires destroying forests, crops and homes; earthquakes toppling houses, stores and factories; and tornadoes destroying everything in their path. Fortunately, the worst missed our area this year. Unfortunately, we have seen floods from rain and rivers, fires consuming homes and businesses; earthquakes doing minor damage (the last severe one was the New Madrid earthquake in 1811/1812) and tornadoes with their associated destruction here in Monarch or very nearby. While no one can fully prepare to weather every calamity, the Monarch Fire Protection District is ready to respond to our residents and businesses when misfortune calls. We have five fire houses across the District with more than 100 professionals ready to help. Everyone knows we have fire trucks ready to roll within minutes of receiving a call for help and ambulances staffed with paramedics and excellent equipment to assist with medical emergencies. However, we do much more. Monarch is home to a regional heavy hauler that is designed to provide confined space rescue for victims trapped in collapsed buildings or trenches with about 50 firefighters trained to use the specialized equipment. We also have boats and personnel trained for swift-water rescues. We team up with the St. Louis County Police to provide helicopter rescues using their helicopter and pilots and our rescue personnel. We operate and staff a designated Rescue Truck when the need arises which carries tools to extricate victims trapped in vehicles and other rescue equipment. Then, of course, we participate in area events and in District training to hone the skills needed to perform these duties. However, Monarch, the Department of Homeland Security and the State of Missouri all recommend everyone take a few basic steps to help themselves. Under normal circumstances, Monarch crews and equipment is minutes away, but, what if a major disaster strikes the area. First, everyone should have a minimum of three days of non-perishable food (don’t forget a manual can opener in case the electricity is off) and water for each family member. You should have a flashlight with fresh batteries and you may want to get a few emergency candles and matches. A simple first aid kit is very inexpensive. Make sure you have a few simple tools (hammer, nails, screw drivers, pliers, crescent wrench and, perhaps, even some vice grips or locking pliers). Make sure you know where to shut off the gas and water to your home in case there is a leak. For a few dollars, you can buy a special wrench designed for the gas shutoff. Keep cell phones charged or have an external charging device. A comprehensive list could become quite long but just a few simple items can make a big difference when calamity strikes. To borrow from the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared”.


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