Recent Before & After Photos

Sprinkler Head Busted

There was work being performed on a sprinkler system in a commercial building. A piece busted loose during the process and caused the sprinkler system to spray... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Kitchen at Industrial Property

During the freezing cold temperatures, a pipe burst in a commercial building causing a lot of water damage throughout. SERVPRO of South Chesterfield/Wildwood n... READ MORE

Water damage in Commercial Building

The before image shows a control room of a vacant commercial building. Water damage occurred that affected the carpet and the walls. The removal of drywall wa... READ MORE

Fire and Water Damage to a Kitchen

A small fire occurred in this home. Due to the amount of water needed to put out this fire, the kitchen essentially needed to be gutted due to the water damage... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Carpet

The before picture shows a staircase with the carpet covered in soot from a fire that occurred. The after photo shows what it looks like after SERVPRO has remo... READ MORE

Fire Damage to a Home in Wildwood, MO

The before photo shows the side of a garage in a home after the house next door burned to the ground. Even though the fire was next door, it caused a tremendous... READ MORE

Commercial Building After a Pipe Burst

The before picture is of a basement in a commercial building. A pipe burst on the top floor of a 3 story building. This image is in the basement of that build... READ MORE

Grout Cleaning on Kitchen Tile

The before image shows what the kitchen tile grout looks like after heavy traffic through this area. Over time the grout will collect dirt from shoes and start... READ MORE

Front of Commercial Building Covered in Soot

The before picture shows the front of a commercial building after a fire has occurred. The white brick is covered in black soot. This picture shows our SERVPR... READ MORE

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The before picture shows you what a bathroom exhaust fan will look like over time. It will get full of dust and debris if it is not cleaned regularly. The aft... READ MORE