Recent Before & After Photos

Cleaned Restaurant Carpet

The before photo shows the carpet of a restaurant before it has been cleaned by SERVPRO. The after photo shows a clear strip down the left side of the photo as... READ MORE

Office Space Fire Damage

The before photo shows what an office space looks like after a fire occurs. The cubicles and ceiling tiles are covered in soot and are in the process of being ... READ MORE

Garage Fire

The before photo shows what an automotive repair garage looked like after a fire. The after photo shows what it looked like after it was cleaned and repainted.... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage

The before picture shows what the ceiling looks like after water damaged occurred due to a leaking roof. The after photo shows what it looks like after the mit... READ MORE

Fire cleanup of a commercial building

The before picture shows a metal-framed door at an automotive shop with soot on it. After being told it would most likely need to be replaced due to the soot b... READ MORE

Extraction and Flooring Removal after storm damage

The before photo shows what a basement looked like after there was standing water throughout. The after photo shows the basement after water extraction has tak... READ MORE

Damage to hardwood flooring

The before image is a picture of hardwood flooring that had been affected by water damage after a storm and needs to be removed. The after photo shows what it ... READ MORE

Stain Removal After Water Damage Occurs

In the before image, you will see how the carpet can stain after water damage occurs. In the after photo, you will see how our SERVPRO Carpet Specialists are a... READ MORE

Cleaned Siding in Eureka, MO

Siding will tend to have microbial growth over time as it faces the different Eureka weather elements. The after picture shows how great it can look after we p... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

Our heroes at SERVPRO of South Chesterfield/Wildwood are here to make the water damage in your bathroom look "Like it never even happened."